16 December 2015

Jobs in Tourism

There are various websites where you can access various jobs in the tourism industry. In regards to United Kingdom some of the websites are listed below:




10 November 2015

Great Britain Tourism Survey

A really useful 'tool' that offers in depth information about the behaviour of U.K. tourists based on their purpose of trip, length of stay, demographics, accommodation and type of places visited. Follow the links below to access the results:

3 year average view of the results of the Tourism Survey

Yearly view of the results of the Tourism Survey

9 August 2015

Compensation for flight delays

Between 2014-2015 approximately 37 million passengers faced delays to and from U.K. but just few of the passengers claimed compensation BBC reports (BBC).
Passengers can claim compensation for flight delays but there are some requirements in order to be able to do so. Further information is available on the: Which? Consumer Rights .

 Which? Consumer Rights website offers in depth information on what you could be compensated on and what are the steps you need to take. Furthermore it offers various templates of letters on how you can write the letter of claim.

Some other useful websites:
Citizen Advice

31 July 2015

Northern Ireland top attractions

BBC reports the top tourism attractions in Northern Ireland.
The attractions were divided by their locations as follows:

I. Top attractions in  Antrim and Newtownabbey Attractions:
1. Antrim Castle Gardens and Clotsworthy House
2. Shanes Castle
3. Museum at the Mill

II. Top attractions in Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon:
1. Oxford Island National Nature Reserve
2. Kinnego Marina
3. Lough Neagh Discovery Centre

Illinois tourism on a upward curve

The director for the office of tourism in Illinois declared that tourism is a an important feature of the economic sector for the state.
The visitor number in 2014 were as follows:
- more than 109.4 million visitors from which 107.4 million were U.S visitors and 2 million were international visitors which influenced the creation and approximately 5000 new tourism related jobs.

Source: Quad City Business Journal 29 July 2015

15 April 2015

Live Webcams

Live Webcams offers the possibility of experiencing a destination online. There are various webcams available to view within various countries. Is it also available as an application on App Store and Google play.

Available at:

11 April 2015

Hospitality and Tourism: Milkround

Hospitality and Tourism Overview by Milkround.
Information about what it involves working in the hospitality sector, as well as the requirements.

5 March 2015


Travelmole is an useful tool for the tourism industry and industry's professionals. It gives various information about various regions, companies and new products.
Furthermore it includes a section on the jobs available.

23 November 2014

London 2012 Legacy

James Kennell talking about the London 2012 Legacy.